Funds from Apple & # 39; s PRODUCT (RED) will be fought against COVID-19 1

Apple is committed to the foundation (RED). This foundation works with companies around the world and the proceeds go to the Global Fund to fight the eradication of the AIDS pandemic, tuberculosis and malaria. Those from Copertino have worked with them for years offering red products and services whose benefits go fully to the foundation. Apple has announced that it has touched the foundation and that PRODUCT (RED) is available until September

they will go against COVID-19 to use the Global Fund. The help will go to these most needed health systems around the world.

COVID-19 also reaches PRODUCT (RED)

On the other hand, (RED) is driven by society and the power of business to fight AIDS. (RED) partners with the world's most relevant brands to contribute to the Global Fund through the sale of brand products and experiences (RED).

This foundation supports all of its activities in the AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria programs in the most affected countries, especially in Africa. However, in some cases the Global Fund manages a portion of the income in other epidemics and problems caused by the first world.

A few weeks ago, the Global Fund approved a a response mechanism to help countries responding to COVID-19. This response was funded by $ 500 million with additional potential funding of $ 500 million.

Apple has announced that its revenue for its PRODUCT (RED) will go to this bag of answers against COVID-19 until September of this year.

These funds will be used to protect health care workers by maintaining personal protective equipment, gloves, masks, diagnostic equipment, laboratory equipment, line support, and social networks.

What might be interesting is why the Global Fund is directing its actions on COVID-19 and ignoring the epidemic it has created (AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis). (RED) ensures that investing in eradicating the virus will help maintain life-saving HIV / AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. The arrival of Coronavirus in these countries can disrupt the work that has been done for years and that it is better to end it in developed countries than to import it to countries where Coronavirus is not the only problem.