Apple AirPods Pro

You already know everything that is said about the future AirPods 3, new AirPods that will arrive very soon in a possible Keynote for which we should have already had an invitation, but no, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer. They were talking about the normal model of the AirPods, new wireless earbuds that would be a makeover in terms of design but wouldn’t come with the in-ear pads of the AirPods Pro

. But yes, we also have news for all those who prefer a design with in-ear pads … Apple would try to adapt the sound of AirPods Pro according to the pad we are using. Read on as we give you all the details …

And it is that the study of the form of audio emission in the in-ear headphones is essential. Due to its characteristics, the emission is very direct, the pads that line the audio channel even act as passive noise cancelers, which is why Apple would like AirPods to be able to detect pad type

and adapt the sound to them. Ultimately, there are different sizes of pads, and the use of one or the other can make at least the change of sound equalization.

It all can end up amounting to that when using certain pads specific equalization is applied, each earpiece volume is limited, specific noise cancellation profiles are applied

, etc. Endless possibilities which, according to Apple Insider, are in Apple’s plans. The next thing will be new “normal” AirPods, but yes Apple is already working on the new generation of AirPods Pro and they will surely end up surprising us in one way or another. We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as the guys in Cupertino release a new Keynote or launch a product via a press release.