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Gmail is finally adding black mode to iOS and Facebook is upgrading its iPadOS system with Split View and Slide Over




In the last hours, there have been improvements to two programs that are widely used by Apple users. First, Gmail has added desirable black mode on your iOS and iPadOS app. For the second time, Facebook upgraded its iPad app, which includes Split View and Slide Over functions. Let's look at what both include.

Dark mode comes in Gmail for iPhone and iPad

Gmail's dark mode has been in the Android platform for a while. Now, the long-awaited black shadow is coming to the iPhone and iPad. Yes, You do not need to download updates because the change happens on the server side. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Gmail on your iPhone or iPad and enter your credential if you don't already have one.
  • In the top left menu, go to Settings.
  • You will see the "Theme" section. Press and you will find three options: brightness, darkness and system orientation.

If you already have black activated mode, the usual thing is that it is already active and available in this last setting. If you have your Apple device in a specific mode, you can choose to have Gmail separately if you want.

As is often the case with this, choosing Gmail's black mode for iPhone and iPad comes with one taste. For me, I find this method better because it is easier on the eye. And at night, it doesn't light up those around us.

Of course, it's clear that implementing these improvements to the app costs your time. Both Google and Apple continue to add black mode to their apps, with Gmail one of the most important search engines.

Facebook is adding Split and Slide Over views to its iPad app

For its part, Facebook has been busy with the iPad app (via 9to5Mac). Social network add two functions which has long been officially available on the Apple tablet. Split View and Slide Over, which increase power in the eyes of users.

slide over and view split

As we know, these two functions are available from iOS 9, the kind released five years ago. Added to the first task is the ability to run the app in "split screen" mode. That is, two different apps share an iPad screen, for example, with Safari and Facebook on each side.

As for Slide overIt's a very attractive feature where one app is ranked above the other (or others). This allows you to work on many things at once and with Split View integration greatly improves the iPad product.

That Facebook adds these functions is good news. Still, remember that Developers have been around for years. And it still needs to install multiple window support, mouse and drag and drop. Hopefully it won't take too long to add them.


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