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Google confirms that YouTube Music will be its only music platform




The path is finally coming to Google Play Music: the company has confirmed that the music platform will be replaced by the latest YouTube Music. For now the two will live together, but Google Play Music users will have to submit all content and records to YouTube Music.

Frequency of services and apps are common on Google, as they have been streaming music since YouTube Music. Seeing that the same platform already exists in the company, Google Play Music, it was a matter of time it was replaced by a new one. And we already have a confirmation: Google marked the end of Play Music. Your users will be able to submit their entire music catalog, favorites and lists to YouTube Music.

Google will facilitate the transfer of Play Music to YouTube Music

YouTube music

Any current user of YouTube Music or YouTube Premium not only has access to the music catalog for the platform, but also to everything Google Play Music offers. Since both platforms are the same, they have almost the same functions as well they are included within the same subscription serviceWhy should both work? Most sensibly, the old ones have been moved to new ones, along with all users, libraries, lists, favorites and other content. And that's all will happen.

Google has confirmed the end of Play Music, so it's only a matter of time that its access is restricted to leaving YouTube Music alone. The company has not yet confirmed how long that period will be when both services last, emphasizing that from today. all Google Play Music users will be able to submit music content to YouTube Music. Google ensures that all featured songs, favorites and playlists can be easily transferred: the & # 39; Transfer & # 39; will appear in the YouTube Music app settings (iOS and Android). It will also alert Play Music users in advance, informing them that the platform will be closed.

For now both music services will live together, but you should be familiar with the idea: Google Play Music is on its way to its death. The faster you stream everything you keep there on YouTube Music the better.


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