Cloud storage is part of the majority of the ecosystem that everyone has on our devices. A useful tool for managing documents and files of all kinds, thus freeing us from pendrives or external memories that may be lost. There are many cloud storage systems and each company strives to integrate new features that can attract the attention of new users. Google Drive It is one of the most widely used clouds and has updated its iOS and IPOS system. In this update the app's security is improved by integrating security system to access our documents using a touch ID or facial ID.

Increase the security of your files in Google Drive

Although Google reviews are excellent, they are non-word versions that they offer versions. It's about version 4.2020.18204, the number is probably too long for a banal update. However, we do not care about the name of the review but its content. At this time, Google Drive has chosen to increase the security of our files

in a way that many programs have been covering for some time.

Access to Google Drive using a touch ID or facial ID it is obtained by combining the outline Home Confirmation within the application code. This is a new function that Google wants to create: privacy screen. To prepare for this new way of protecting the app we must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the updated app in the latest version.
  2. Click on the three lines on the left at the top and search Settings.
  3. Go to "Privacy Screen".
  4. Perform the operation using a face ID or touch ID to activate the function.

When the privacy screen is active, there it will open Google Drive we'll have to go through the screen before we have to convince ourselves for any of these programs integrated into Apple's hardware. This is a great way to add an extra layer of security to the files that we can store in the cloud storage.

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