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Google Home is updated with an updated panel for clean and comfortable settings



Google Home, the Google app to manage all devices connected to the connected home, has just received a major update. The big screen of the app followed the lines of Material Design, very clean. However, the settings were somehow chaotic, both at the level of interaction with the organization itself.

The app was recently updated you completely change the settings of the settings, makes everything very clean, accessible and easy to handle. We'll tell you what this update offers at a measurable rate and tell you how to install it on your compatible device.

Google Home is automatically renewing your settings

Pressing on the Google Home Settings section has led us to a list that includes a lot of text, separated by lines and bold little characters that make up the sections. At a viewing level it was not the best solution and everything was a bit confusing because many settings (music, TV, phones and others) were scattered at the bottom of the settings menu.

Google Home Settings On the left, the old settings interface. On the right, a new interface after the update.

With the new update the settings menu will rebuild. Now we have a great article that tells us that we are in "House settings", even though a major change is coming apparently. Now each setting has its own icon

, which allows you to easily identify different menu options.

The number of categories has been reduced and an icon has been added to each function to perform in the app

Vice versa, the number of categories is reduced so that everything is clean, leaving everything now broken down into three categories: General, Functions and Functions. In short, it is a complete visual adjustment of the changes to make them more comfortable and accessible.

The new Google Home update comes with summer It is not yet uploaded to the Play Store, but you can download it with APKmirror. File is APK Bundle so you just have to follow our tutorial for these types of files, which we are already expecting, it goes by downloading the APKmirror app and allowing it to do all the work for you.

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