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Google Lens works in "education mode" to help you with your homework




Today, Google Lens has five modes: translator, text, automatic, shopping, and food. Also in the test, as they were able to get from XDA analyzing its APK code, education system.

An APK analysis of the latest version of Google Lens reveals two functions in development: offline translation and educational mode. This approach could be something similar to Socratic, bought by Google a few years ago.

Google does my homework

There are two new features of Google Lens on the way. First, several text strings within the program refer to the fact that in the future it is possible download translation packages

to do translation without the need for an Internet connection, similar to what happens with Google Translate.

In addition, a new mode will arrive in Google Lens: the educational mode, with the kill board icon. We were unable to see the mode in action, although the accompanying text indicated "point to your school question for assistance."

Educational mode

This structure is similarly similar to Socratic, an application managed by Google and described as "an application to help you navigate work at school and university." In Socratic you must do the same as suggested in Google Lens: identify the question and find the information to answer it


This applies to a variety of topics, because you know it point to equations with the help of solving them or with some questions on other topics for related information. Not only does your homework help, but it is also worth the effort.

Social Public is Google

With Google it's always a mystery when will this feature be last used for users. Google I / O is usually the time when the company promotes new products such as Google Lens, but this year it won't. We can only wait.

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