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Google Maps is back to Apple Watch with better integration



Google Maps is back to Apple Watch with better integration

It's been several years since the Apple Watch came to our phones. At the time, this smartwatch was not conceived as a separate device from the iPhone, and relied heavily on it. So some great app developers have decided to give you the opportunity to continue with the iPhone app extensions. This has been the case with Google Maps, they came to Apple Watch as an alternative to Apple Maps, although some restrictions.

However, this approach did not last long, and Apple eventually abandoned support for these extensions. From there, all the apps had to be traditional, that is, they had to work clockwise without downloading to the iPhone. And so, after realizing that the Apple Watch still does not complete the operation, many abandoned their extensions without replacing them. Google Maps was one of the casualties

of this change, though it is now stronger than ever after a brief loss.

In a blog post, Google announced The return of Google Maps to Apple Watch in the coming weeks

. This new version will work independently with the iPhone app, and will allow us to get directions to our favorite places. So, it will only take a few taps to make our way home, to work … and it doesn't matter which mode of transport we use, because we can use it by car, public transport, bike or on foot.

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This new app is not yet available in the Apple Watch App store, although Google guarantees it will be available in the coming weeks. Moreover, it will suit you a new Google Maps experience for CarPlay users, which will now allow us to control the playback of our music or our podcasts, and then view other small notifications such as our next event in the calendar without hiding navigation indicators.

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