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Google Photos for Android updates its photo editor



If a few weeks ago we saw how Google Photos releasing a new logo and map with all of our special photos, and other changes in visibility, we now see how the app launches reset image editor.

Google Photos on Android devices that have begun to slow down its performance new editor, which completely revived its structure, roaming and organization


This is a new Google Photos editor

The new editor now has a vertical navigation menu, which does not offer category access Suggestions, Determining, Fix it, Filters and And tools.

How to create collages and photos made on Google Photos

Now a new category of Suggestions he will show us three quick results what we can do in the picture. Suggestion will depend on the type of image. For example, if it is an image, it will show us the tools to take a picture in black and white, or just make the background black and white, leaving the person in color.

In this new design we get exactly i similar editing tools than before, only with a new organization. For example, the document investment tool is now in the ‘Crop' category and not under ‘multiple tools'.

Each tool will now display a descriptive icon to make it easier to find each view. Going to the sides will show each of the tools and fixing them we will need to tell them to their lower repair bar.

This new Google Photos editor is not yet available to everyone. Google works with a server, so if the old editor still appears, you'll have to wait even if you've updated the app to the latest version.

Google Photos

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