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Google Podcasts updates with automatic downloads and other features




When Google launched its official podcast program, many of us feared it would be released soon, but it wasn't. The latest updates to the app include some of the most anticipated features such as the automatic download of new episodes from the podcasts we are currently subscribing to.

New display on Google Podcasts

The last major update of this app has also changed its usefulness. In the middle section we have a list of the latest podcast episodes we have subscribed to. In addition, on that screen, in the top row, we will have notifications of their new chapter programs, through which the red dot is visible.

In fact, these registration notices can be configured to appear only on the programs we want, not on all.

In the space below we have three main sections: Home, Search y The work

Automatic download

Google Podcasts updates with automatic downloads and other features

Another notable feature of this review is the possibility of creating a waiting list of chapters we want to hear, which will be downloaded and played automatically. However, if we do not want to use this function we can disable it.

But this functionality is not the first to appear, and some users have been able to enjoy it for several months.

New Google podcast activities are currently being sent to corporate servers in charge of converting apps to our mobile phone, but we haven't seen the arrival of the new app in a big way.

In fact, there are users even in the beta version of Google Podcasts who no longer have some of these new features.

If you want to start listening to podcasts and don't want to pay for an app or watch Google Podcasts ads, this is a great option.





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