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Google removes preview messages for the Android app



Google removes preview messages for the Android app

Back in 2016, with the launch of the current Google Allo, the company was launched with its new messaging service Preview messages on Android, a feature that allows us to chat with your contacts without installing an app.

It has now been four years Google says it's good to preview messages, which always seemed like no other developer was supported, since Google Allo, Google Duo and Google Images were the only applications that matched.

It is good to preview messages

Preview Messages

Performance of App preview messages it was easy. Once this feature is activated from Android settings, any user can send us an Allo message, Photos or make a video call from the Duo without installing a compatible program. The notification has warned that your contact has sent us a message from an application that we have not installed

, with response option, ignore or install the app.

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Now the Google developer page reports that App Messages Test API first, and we check our phone, from Settings> Google> Data & Messaging> App preview messages the feature already exists close and there is no way to open it, has been disabled since the end of this third season.

Google announces that it will be updated in the future App preview messages will disappear completely from our devices. It also reports that one of its messaging methods is App Preview Messaging, its new messaging app integrated into Google Maps, Google Search, and other partners.

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