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Google tracks the descriptive communication app for your Android phone




You probably didn't remember since your Android smartphone was the exact, mobile phone, but it seems so Google eventually you start to have a clearer idea, moving on with the integrated integration of its multiple communication products as well as its phone services, text messages and video calls.

In fact, the Mountain View giant has just officially announced it the integration of development teams of all their communication systems under the same umbrella, and the same administration co-ordinated by Javier Soltero, former vice president and general manager from G Suite.

Google tracks the descriptive communication app for your Android phone

It seems so At present it is simply a combination of resources at the organizational level by seeking to consolidate the means, Javier Soltero himself passed it on to Verge, and though In the short term there are no immediate plans to integrate alternative systems, we have already found some long teeth with a descriptive communication app possible on Android.

Google brings the unit to its social media development teams, which includes the developers behind its iPhone, Google Duo, Meet, Conversations and Messages working under the same leadership … Will the last communication app be in the oven?

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Google tracks the descriptive  communication app for your Android phone

Hopefully we will see an upgrade or an integrated communication app & # 39; Made by Google & # 39;

Google has done a lot of wrong with it many messaging applicationsnot in vain in the grave of Executed by Google Google Talk, Hangouts, YouTube Messages, Wave, Google+ or Allo, among many others, are already in place some of them are very good and with no time or line of judgment directly.

From now on, teams that expand current phones, Google Duo, Meetings, Chat and Messages will report to the same director and under the same process, so progress on the same line can be expected even though Javier Soltero revealed that "It would be innocent" make temporary changes to all applicationswhy "These products play an important role in the lives of many users" and because they are not completely produced.

Although Google has always been reluctant to rearrange its unique messaging and chat services, to avoid integrating apps, it is also true that we've all been waiting for a descriptive and traditional communication system on Android that allows us to not only drive, but also send messages, chat or make video calls in a simple and direct way, without having to leave the interface with the same application.

At the very least, Javier Soltero has already spent some time on Google Meet and chat with clean up the messy music genre was live, changing the Google Meet Hangouts Video and the Google Chat Hangouts Chat to a simpler and more understandable pace. We'll see what happens now with the Duo and other apps, although changes will be slow:

We bring together all of Google's integrated communications products under one leader and a joint team led by Javier Soltero, Vice President and general manager from G Suite. Javier is yet to enter DeathBut he will also join the leadership team under Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems. Apart from these changes, no other activities are planned for the workers and Hiroshi will continue to play a major role in our future joint efforts.

Without a doubt there is plenty of room for improvement, in between dead requests, name changes, services scattered around for various lunches, but without Google I / O 2020 we have been orphaned with all this exciting information on the face of a future, now yes, finally a promising one and Google's communications services. And to you, what do you think of the movement?

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