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Google will allow you to change the sensitivity of & # 39; OK Google & # 39; to protect the assistant from accidental operation




Google Assistant works very easily. We say "Ok Google" out loud and expect our first consultation, whether on our mobile, on our Chromebook with Chrome OS or on any smart home device, such as Google Home, Google Nest and compatible. Easy

The problem is your voice recognition is usually very sensitive, to the extent that they work with loudspeakers on television, or because they translate to say "Ok Google" from sounds like him. So, Google is working to simplify keyword recognition, motivation, and the system is filtered through the beta of Google's Android app.

Experimental phase correction

OK google

As they say from 9to5Google, which has released the latest beta-related apk for Google's official Android app, you can find inside the machine where Google Assistant can float this recognition. As such you can prevent "Ok Google" from being easily heard

or be interpreted as saying that the same phrase attracts it.

The specific version of the app comes from it is 10.93 and in it you can see different expensive codes a configuration not currently available. Phrases such as "Choose the device you want to respond more to & # 39; Ok Google & # 39;" or "Saved Sensor. Try it out and fix it again if necessary" make it clear that the program is available.

Obviously, we will have three levels of sensitivity to & # 39; Ok Google & # 39;

Obviously, we will have three options for each item: It is sensitive, spontaneous and highly sensitive. There is nothing sliders or roll bars, only three ways to determine, at any time, how we want each device to behave. Maybe reduce mobile adoption and extend it to Google Home or Google Nest, not too far away from us. Each user will adapt to their taste and need.

The app also warns in the code that this functionality will not be initially available in all Google Assistant-supported languages, and there are no differences between users as such sensitivity will be at device level only. Therefore, we will see if this sensitivity correction is finally released soon or simply discarded. To be sure, the end of this point is in the testing phase.

Via | 9to5Google


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