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Google's limited reality extends to the Moto G8, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite, and many more




Long before that & # 39; ArCore & # 39 ;, Google's Augmented Reality app, changed its name to & # 39; Google Play Services for RA & # 39;, but still retains its icon and function: to enable the use of Augmented Reality virtual reality apps built with the ARCore SDK.

In addition to adding news and updates from time to time, from time to time, to Google add support for compatible devices

after creating specific measurement profiles in it. In November, for example, it welcomed eight new models from Realme, OPPO and LG, and now, it has done the same with a few newer edges of the market.

25 new compatible devices


As we already know, each device has a different camera and sensor layout, so it's a must find the right balance of each model so that Augmented Reality functions work best on it. To do this, Google, in conjunction with institutional manufacturers, creates personalized profiles for each phone or tablet, and upon reaching it, announces its compliance with ARCore.

In recent months, we've gone through the launch of multiple devices, both high, intermediate and entry level, so Google has been forced to expand your list of compatible ARCore terminals. The latest types of access are:

If you want to look a full list of compatible devices With ARCore, you can do it in this link. In case your phone or tablet appears on it, you can download the & # 39; Google Play Services app for RA & # 39; and start running any program that uses the AR SDK.

Google Play Services for RA

Google Play Services for RA

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