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Google's new Pixel 4a is as powerful as the iPhone SE




Pixel 4 XL

New Pixel 4a Google will work fine, but according to the latest leak it won't be as powerful as Apple's Apple SE.

It all seems to suggest that its Qualcomm chip will not have as high performance as the latest expensive iPhone from the signature apple bite logo.

More details about Google Pixel 4a have been revealed on the YouTube TechnoLike Plus channel. They have done an operational and independent assessment. You can watch the video here:

Google Pixel 4a performance

With its Snapdragon 730 chip, Google's Pixel 4a scored 268,973 points on the AnTuTu bench, beating the previous Pixel 3a XL but behind the A13 Bionic chip for the 2020 iPhone SE, which earned the chip 441,752 points.

As for the other marks, it's probably the same. Pixel 4a scored 8,867 points on PCMark tests and 6th on GFXBenchmark and Aztec Ruins OpenGL1440p.

In the test single-core Pixel 4a had a school 548when I was being tested most importantly

reached the points of 1,628. The numbers show its performance is very high, but it's not as strong as the second-generation iPhone SE that the company with the recently launched apple brand.

Either way, these tests have been done thoughtfully a kind of technology of Pixel 4a, so in theory the final product can get slightly higher test results. However, everything seems to follow a common logic, since Apple often dominates the functionality of their devices as they design their software and Hardware to work collaboratively. What do you think of this data?


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