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Green S10 and Note10 are being updated with new S20 features





We have already warned in the last few weeks for the purpose of Samsung updating some of its variants from last year to One UI 2.1, a version of the program released with the Galaxy S20, and presenting a series of exciting news in camera-like categories.

Now, Samsung has finally made the arrival of this major update, which begins its deployment among the series models Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10, bringing home to device owners of some of the most important changes so far that were exclusive to the S20.

All Galaxy S20 news up to S10 and Note10

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The good part of the news that will first arrive on the Galaxy S10 and Note10 is related to it category of images. In fact, Samsung explains that the update brings "photographic experiences from the Galaxy S20 to the S10 and Note10." Among these are the work "Different hold", which automatically creates a series of photos and videos using a number of built-in camera modes, thus giving the user the opportunity to select the most appropriate option for each event.

Different capture on Galaxy S10 and Note10

On the other hand, i The upgraded night mode will be available on the Galaxy S10 -No one on Note10, at least not yet – while "Night Hyperlapse" mode will fall on both models.

New combination custom filters which can be reused for each image, while in the video field "Professional mode", which allows you to adjust parameters such as ISO, shutter speed or light exposure level. In addition, it is now possible switch between the back and front camera while shooting video no need to stop recording.

New video types on the Galaxy S10  and 10

The gallery application And it gets news about this update, most importantly it's possible edit content with AI, thank you for the work A Pure View It automatically combines the same shots. Also, a tool The fastest crop Located in the upper left corner of the screen, you can cut the image to the desired size by simply tapping on it.

The last two issues announced by Samsung reaching the Galaxy S10 and Note10 are Instant sharing and music sharing. The first is in line with the new edition of File transfer in true Apple AirDrop style, which lets you share files of all kinds with Samsung Samsung's mobile phones around us. On the other hand, Music share it allows you to "share" Bluetooth connectivity with other devices, so that, for example, other people can play your music with the car's Bluetooth system without connecting to it, but just connect your app to our Galaxy S10 or Note10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10, fast share and music sharing´
In the meantime, Samsung has not announced the arrival date for this update., which should grow in the middle all models of the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series, including "Lite" versions announced long ago. As for the shipping of One UI 2.1 Launch these device families, we'll update this article.

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