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Hackers hijack your smartphone because of a coronavirus




Citizens via mobile - coronavirus

No doubt Coronavirus is the most talked about topic today. Not least, it is a virus that infects the whole world until many important countries decide to isolate themselves, preventing their citizens from going out on the street without emergency and needy cases.

And, from their homes, locked up, this issue has become one of the most important sources of information about the coronavirus and that it could be otherwise, many very unethical people use this condition.

They used the puzzling opportunity to open an app about coronavirus hiding ransomware


Security company DomainTools has acquired an app called Covidlock, which said it was useful to know all the details related to COVID-19 or even called coronavirus. However, as it is not based on an analysis released by the company cited and reported by SAB Media, means the tool actually hides theware inside.

An app that can be downloaded from its website and that we will not connect to it for obvious reasons, has asked users to log in to their smartphone and other unusual permissions. What this ransom does is lock the smartphone of an unlucky user by entering a password on the device. Once this is done, cybercriminals contact the phone's owner look for a 48 hour payment of $ 100 on bitcoins to get the technology

. If they don't, they will delete your contacts, photos and other content and all their social networks will be filtered.

Fortunately, DomainTools has said that the most updated versions of Android can suffer from this kind of hackingSo it's important, as we've said more than once, to own a smartphone in the latest version of Android and only bet on products with a good update policy. Keep in mind that because of the use of older phones, over one million Android phones are at risk of being hacked.

"Cyber ​​criminals like to take advantage of the worst-case scenario to rob the weakest users."

Remember what we always say at Andro4all, in any case we are in solitary confinement or not. Install apps and tools from trusted sites and certified developers. Just read other users' comments and always consult the permissions these applications ask us to run.

Even though the Google app store, despite all the effort – sometimes inadequate – of the Mountain View company, we have millions of apps available with malicious apps, so we have to pay close attention to what we download to our mobile device. That the torch app asked us for permissions to access our contact list makes no sense, so, stay tuned for what you are downloading.

Inside our mobile app very confidential and sensitive information is available, so it's important to protect it.

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