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Hearthstone battlefields are updated with three new heroes, minions, and other new items



Awakening of Galakrond Hearthstone

Card games have become fashionable again. After some tricky years, games like Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Arena, or the Legends of Runeterra have been able to recreate that genre as one of the most frequent. Also, if we have loved throwing games with our mallets we have won with so much suffering, now we have the opportunity to play anywhere. And we only need our mobile phone or tablet to start the game.

But, like any other game today, it's important to keep these topics active, full of new content to explore. So, we always get free updates that keep us motivated. And today we'll talk about Hearthstone patch 17.2, which brings a new minion with three Battlegrounds mode heroes

with which we can provide our new solutions.

In particular, we will now find in our deck the cards for Saurolisks with rabies, new minerals replace the awesome alpha wolves. As for the heroes, starting on May 26th we will have Lady Vashj, Maiev Shadowsong and Kael & # 39; thas Sunstrider.The three heroes will be immediately available by those profitable at Battlegrounds, so you can go and practice your skills before launch.


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On the other hand, it is another small technique that has been used in desk management, and that's it for now you can rearrange them as you want by simply holding down any of them and moving it to its new state. These improvements and changes join some of the smaller ones you can find in the total notes. And now, continue to enjoy these games at Hearthstone Tavern, as they await months of good news, and this is just a small look.

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