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Hearthstone presents a demonic hunter: all knowledge




The demon hunter of the sensation

Of course many of you will have already played other Warcraft games, and as a connection to the Azeroth Empire you will have met another demon hunter, especially if you enjoyed the expansion of World War War not many years ago: Legion. This category of heroes, Illidan Stormrage readersThey use their strength to face the Burning Legion, led by Sargeras, one of the biggest opponents of video games.

Now this section is coming to Hearthstone, and you'll be able to bring some of the most notable editors who carry this dark energy to your dash. Among them, Illidan himself, who is the world in card game as your new play hero. Unlike other warriors, Illidan will not raise or heal his own tissue, but will take their souls to strengthen and avenge themselves on the enemy. This, added to the new skill cards, will make him a very good opponent.

In particular, they highlight his heroic power, "Demon Claws", which it will increase the hero's attack by one point

for just one price for crystals. Thanks to this card, which we will have the opportunity to spend multiple times at its lowest price, we will be able to strengthen our hero and use him to destroy our enemy in a unique way. And of course, we will have cards to allow us to use the magic of the hunters.

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In order to have a demon hunter in our deck we must first complete the Preface, a new campaign that will open on April 2. After completing the Preface, the demon hunter will officially open on April 7. So, we have a few days to prepare for this big change at Hearthstone, so check out the reminder notes and take advantage of every new position card.


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