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Hello Hello introduces a new collection of iPhone items




Hello Hello Apple Device Accessories

Popular Hello Kitty, one of the most popular toys in the Japanese industry, made in the 70s, is known for its flexibility to adapt to different motives and times. Therefore, those who determine the character definitely has seen the school branded goods, boxes, and soon into the armor electronic accessories.

In connection with the partnership between the popular kitty manufacturer, Sanrio, and the professional boxer CASETiFY, two capsule collections will be collected. accessories compatible with the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirPods Pro, MacBook, iPads and more.

Hello Hello will sign accessories for Apple devices

    Hello to us Accessories

Collections are shown as Mini Mart food talk, including special Floaty cases, fruit and milk style clips, and more. While the second was baptized Signature

It will also feature old Hello Kity designs with its signature red bow, blue sweater, and small black mustache.

In addition to the group's entry, Both companies will introduce a 2-in-1 gripper and a UV technology disinfectant., which has been described as “… the first C UViFY disinfection of printed UV technology. A ngamalambu angenagciwane without mercury and placed in the charger built without kwamacingo, customers can release bacteria and using its batteries of the iPhone instead of real Hello Hello, the price of the $ 120. "

Accessories for Hello Hello Apple products

All products announced by Sanrio and CVEiFY are now available for pre-order on the official Hello Hello site via the CASEiTIFY site starting May 14. Those interested should sign up for a waiting list that provides early access to the collection by the launch date, May 22.

Accessories and third-party products and the most famous logo snake apple wants to please all audiences. So, we've seen suggestions for nostalgics such as the famous AirPods cases with designs from the nineties, or those of Hadoro's luxury and now Sanrio's proposal for fans of world-famous character.


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