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Here are 10 important iPad tactics you should know




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IP is one of Apple's most important devices and has been restarted in recent years because of the variety Apple has in the market. The Apple tablet is leading the market with a fist of metal and not surprisingly, since from iPad installations to iPad Pro, no other tablet can compete from you to Apple.

For this reason, now that the iPad is so widespread, we have decided to collect it a series of tricks that all iPad users should know. Most of them are simple, some are more advanced, but they will all help me get the most out of your iPad, no matter what model you have.

Here are 10 important iPad strategies

Cheats for iPad are many, almost everything we have on the iPhone also works on the iPad, but we chose the Here are 10 strategies we think are important for iPad users.

Shortcuts to apps

ipad app shortcut

While Apple introduced 3D Touch technology, one of the most used tasks was to push one of the icons we had on the home screen to open a panel with additional functions for each program. Many applications with this shortcut panel and thanks to IPOS can now be enjoyed again on the iPad.

It's very simple, the only thing to do hold the icon and a drop-down menu will appear where you will have several options. For example, by holding down the camera icon we can take a selfie directly, record a video, take a photo or take a selfie in my photo. But there is much more, apps like Word allow us to access recently edited files, the Settings icon allows us to quickly access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Battery and the Files app to see the latest documents and files stored.

Write numbers and symbols as quickly as possible

keyboard symbol numbers

This is a IPad Special Edition with its large keyboard. The keyboard we have on the iPad is much bigger than the iPhone and it's completely different. The most important difference is that it allows us to do the touch of buttons, just in case drop one of them down We will write a number or symbol from above the book.

This is the fastest way to type both numbers and symbols is less commonly used as we don't have to convert to a numeric keyboard. A plan that few know about but only if you find that you will not stop using it.

Use two programs at the same time

2-word separation

You are one of the top strategies for the iPad: Use two programs at the same timeFor example, you can watch a Netflix series or a YouTu be video at the same time acknowledge a message or check something on Twitter. But what's most interesting is when we use the iPad to work.

You can now, for example, Word document on the one hand and PowerPoint on the other, and you can drag objects from one window to another as if by magic. Split view functionality is compatible with all applications and made easy:

  • Highly recommended is have the two apps you want to use on the dock IPad.
  • Open one of them and swipe from the bottom of the screen until a booth appears.
  • Drag the other app to the right or left from the first app.
  • You already have both apps on the screen you can select each size one by sliding the tab from the center.

Use three apps at the same time

separate the slide view above

But there is more, too Use 3 applications at the same time on the iPad when combining the Spread View function from the front with Slide Over. All you have to do is have two programs open at the same time as mentioned above and follow these steps:

  • Open again booth straight up.
  • Select the third app you want to use pull, but not the one you have opened, drag to the center.
  • The the third app will appear as a floating window that you can move right or left and that you can hide on the other side by dragging it and re-sliding it from that side.

Cut, copy, paste, and select by touch

One of the most important new features of iPadOS has brought us the maximum amount of touch we can on the screen to cut, paste or select in the text. This is all:

  • Double-click the word to select it.
  • Triple-click on a word to select a sentence to be inserted.
  • Click four times a word to select an inserted category.
  • Tap with three fingers on the screen to activate the text menu.
  • Pin the screen with three fingers to copy.
  • Pin the screen twice with three fingers to cut.
  • Expand (as if you are signing in to an image) with three fingers to attach.
  • Swipe left with three fingers to make the last action.
  • Swipe three fingers left to perform the last action.
  • Drag the navigation line to the right to quickly navigate the document or web.

Use the keyboard as a guide

trackpad ipad keyboard

One of these keyboard tricks that becomes important when you know them. If you are one of those editing documents on the iPad, you will know that there are times when it's not easy to pick your finger to document the exact point so that the cursor is placed in the position we want, especially if it's within a word.

Still he knows it convert the keyboard into a visual trackpad for easy navigation throughout the document for accuracy. You just have to press two fingers inside the keyboard and move it simultaneously to move the cursor to the document.

Record what's happening on the screen

The most useful, and best of all, is the traditional function of iOS and IPOS, so you won't have to install anything, of course. press the record button in the Control Center, wait the count for three seconds and start recording. To stop you have to press this button again.

The most common thing is that you do not have a Control Center screen recording button on your iPad, to do so follow these steps:

  • Come in Settings> Control Center.
  • Click Customize controls.
  • Find one of the Screen recording then click on the "+".

Widgets on the home screen

ipad widgets

The first screen of The iPad may have fixed widgets, from Apple apps and applications from the App Store running. These widgets have quick access to many functions, so that they can follow these steps.

  • Slide through to first screen apps.
  • Now slide one again and widgets will appear.
  • Scroll down to the widget section and touch Edit.
  • You can edit the ones you want to appear in and order.
  • High performance Keep the home screen.

Floating keyboard

Floating keyboard

The iPad is a great device, a full-screen keyboard can sometimes be comfortable, but you have a little trick to do The iPad keyboard is reduced to the size of the iPhone keyboard to be able to use it comfortably with one hand, and the good thing is that it is temporary.

All you have to do is activate this small float keyboard touch as you zoom the image onto the keyboard, and it will decrease. Now you can move it wherever you want, use it to slide buttons and, when you want it to come back in size, simply touch the keyboard up close.

Quick screenshots

This is a trick for those they have an apple pencil. To take a screenshot on the iPad, we have to press the unlock button and volume button at the same time, however if you have an Apple Pencil it's very easy. All you have to do swipe from one of the lower corners to the center of the screen and you will take a screenshot and you can edit it right away.

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I hope you like these The 10 iPad tactics we have collected, If you want to know the new, Apple and iPhone tablet strategies, review our dedicated section for many functions or tricks that are useful for your devices.


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