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We are already with 2021 well started and we still don’t see the AirTags, Apple’s location beacons We have been talking about for months awaiting their imminent launch and yet they have yet to see the light of day. What are the reasons for this delay?

Apple already has its AirTags ready, labels that we can place on any object so that it is always well located via our iPhone, and which will use the U1 chip to know its location very precisely. Its launch was scheduled for fall 2020.

, since their production is already underway and they just have to be presented and put on sale, but they are long overdue, which leads many to start thinking of something similar to what happened. spent with the AirPower charging base. But nothing is further from the truth, the reasons for this delay are quite different and we expect them to arrive as soon as possible.

According to Jon Prosser, AirTags are not yet for sale because Apple thinks now is not the right time to launch. With everything going on in the world due to the damn COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that in Cupertino they are waiting for a better time to unveil this new device, and are also taking the opportunity to finalize some details that remain to be done. polished, like the method they will use to be able to attach them to objects. They could have added a magnet to attach them to things, but that wouldn’t be a good idea because if we put them in a wallet they might damage credit cards so they have to think of another method.

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Leaked AirTags coupling animation confirming design

Apple already has a keychain ready which will be sold separatelyWe even have pictures of other key chains that manufacturers like NOMAD or Spigen have already almost ready for AirTags, ideal for not losing the keys to your house. But what if we want to attach them to our card holder? Or a camera? Prosser assures us that the launch of these AirTags will be in March, when we have already seen the animations that will be shown when linking to our iPhone, and we have also seen the response from Samsung, somewhat sped up to be able to anticipate the launch of Manzana.