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Houseparty has never installed your mobile: we show it



In the last hours we have seen how many users have started broadcasting information that shows that popular video call app Houseparty He would be responsible for the removal of accounts and data of many of his clients.

An image from thousands of conversations is:

Houseparty has never installed your mobile: we show it

As you can see, it is appreciated that it is a message from the Twitter account of the National Police of Spain, a very active profile that often reports cases of this nature, among many others.

Things that cause us to doubt

The first thing that strikes you is that the image, not the link. Once the police have actually posted that, it is very easy to submit a postal link.

But no, it's just an image, which can be changed.

There is no date

The second thing with errors, and more, is that the publication date is not recognized, so we cannot guarantee that it is an official message.

This photo is taken in such a way that it should be visible, next to a personal or user nick, but by accident, in the tweet area where we will see this information there is nothing.


Capitalization often shows that the message is false, though not always. The police themselves use coins to promote parts of their messages.

However, what we don't see is messages too errors, such as using points to call them without using the first one, as can be seen in the first picture.

The company has denied the facts

Shortly after this fact first became apparent, the company itself denied the facts on its Twitter account. As you can see, in this case there is a link to the publication, so we know it's for real:

What has happened

We decided to investigate what happened and go straight to Twitter profiles. Browsing his timeline we saw a book that shares a few things with this one in the picture above.

As you can see, we have the same icon at the beginning of the message, the titter image is the same and even though the link has the same shortcut.

In addition, we can visit that link:

If you do, you'll go to the news of the Now Granada airport about the arrest of a man for disturbing the people who were hiding in the store.

What happened was that someone decided to change the main text of that tweet to convey the wrong message. At present, it is unknown who or what they were.

Unfortunately it is very easy to make modifications of this type, as you can see:

We decided to leave the date and set the stamp to false so that this image could not be used, but we wanted to show you, with a little humor, that it is very easy to take, not only pictures, but also videos for this type of conversion.

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