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How can you tell if they check my Android phone




If one is they track everything you do with your mobile phone? We've already seen that you can access Android software if certain conditions are encountered, and in many cases there is no key indicator that you can use to find out if they are checking your phone.

If you suspect that someone may have used your smartphone to spy on you, here's how Find out what your phone is doingand what steps you can take to avoid them.

Activate Google Play Security


One of the first steps the programs use to test is to request disable any type of protection you have on your mobile phone. On Android, this is often the same as Google Play Protect, protection is pre-installed on most Android phones.

Most test applications need to disable Play Protect

The reason is simple: Google Play Protect sees many of these programs as malicious, so it prevents them from working and sometimes you can get them alone. If you suspect your phone may have been infected by it, it is not too late to check that Google Play Prottiv is activated.

To do this, open the Google Play sidebar and select Play Protect. If disabled, a the red icon alerts you. Tap on it and mark it Search for security threats on the device to activate Google Play security.


If Play Protect is disabled, it's best to go back to the previous screen again force analysis of installed applications, to get a spy spy app. To do this, tap the Review button.


After that two things can happen: Play Protect says everything is fine, or it finds a malicious app again ask to remove it. If so, learn to see what other steps you can take.

Check out the installed apps


We're talking here of "walking around the house" espionage, and that often happens burn it because persuade the user to install a malicious application

, or where the spy has physical access to the installation center. For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't care.

In most cases we are not dealing with hacker typing instructions at full speed in the assembly until we exclaim Eureka! and access the forum, but there's something very common: the app. An app that, like any other, it is available and can be downloaded. But it does take a good eye.

Don't be fooled by common terms such as "System Tools", "Play Tools" or "Sys Tools"

Developers of this kind of apps know that if the program was called Total Spy Monitor either Hacking control panel the user can find them by looking, so that hide their names and symbols to make boring program icons look like "Sync Services" or "Service Service". Your job is to look closely to find non-virtualized applications.

In Android Settings, go to section Applications and wait for the list to finish loading. The functionality of this list may change from one layer to another, but more importantly the program parameters are not displayed (which, on the other hand, is the standard behavior).


Now comes the tricky part: updating the list. I recommend that you go one by one, making sure you know all the programs listed and that you have installed them yourself. Spy apps usually hide inside scary and familiar words, and they usually live in English.

Now, the list shows the updated version of the program, so the update may have its object. If in doubt, tap on the app to view its details. System applications cannot be uninstalled (for their own recovery only), while applications that act as system applications cannot.

Yes settings Real Settings app (left) and Settings app pretending (right)

Finding these events is just as important as rolling out another plan that comes from nowhere. Apps change and sometimes get a new one or a new name, but it's not bad to do some testing.

A good way to know what the app is saying is where it looks and where it's installed.

One simple thing to explore where the system was installed, whether it was from Google Play or its APK. Since test apps are not allowed on Google Play, they will usually be installed from outside the store. To see it, tap its name in the application list and search Application details, to information.

Installed Since

Often this method will help you uncover most of the spy applications we mentioned in our article. It's worth paying attention distinguish the ordinary from the not, but not particularly complicated.

Look for apps that use the battery more

Spy a user all day long hard work that drains the battery, especially those apps that take photos or videos of a user or record their position using GPS. Although they do have their own means of reducing their impact and are less visible, it is an indication that something is wrong.

To do this, go to settings and install Battery use. The location of this menu changes a lot from one cell phone to another, so I recommend using a search engine. In pure Android, for example, the context menu in the battery section.

Battery use

Here you also have to use the critical eye to find that escape from the norm. Note that malicious applications are very common hide his name and icon, so because it says "Android System", don't believe it because. Tap on the app to see who this person is. You will know because system apps cannot be uninstalled.

And let’s not forget the details

In addition to draining the battery, checking what you do is always required greater data usageEspecially if you take pictures with your mobile camera without your permission or accept the files you have in the gallery.

To test it, go to Android Settings and install Data usage, usually hidden within the category of Network communication. Explore apps that use data too much to look for a stranger.


If the spy app is smart enough, you probably wait until the Wi-Fi connection syncs data so you don't raise suspicions. While some mobiles allow you to see data usage includes Wi-Fi connection, for some it is not an option.

Suspicious messages


If you receive SMS or email messages about verification codes or new password requests, is a good reason to suspect. Someone may have your credentials accessing other services, but the system "dials" by sending you an email or asking you to enter a verification code.

Most services let you know when someone tries to sign in with your account

Important accounts like Google, Facebook or Twitter notify you by mail if any trying to log in suspicious. Although it may be a hopeless person who has missed their phone number, email or account, it can also be someone who tries to impersonate you, especially if it happens to you often.

What to do when they scan your phone


Well, you've found out they are checking your phone, now? First of all, remember that checking a mobile phone is illegal, so you know it lodge a complaint in front of the police. If this is what you plan to do, the best thing is to turn off the mobile and submit it to the police station as a "test".

Safe mode is a great way to interact with him

If you choose to do without paperwork or suspect that a spy can be thousands of miles away from you and the complaint will not be of much use, the good thing is protect the earth before continuing to use your mobile phone.

First of all, restart the phone in safe mode. This disables all third-party applications and will likely prevent the testing from continuing. The difference will be as long as the tool has gained root access and changed the system internally, although this is rare. You can check if your phone is rooted with apps like Root Checker.

Modoseguroz Safe mode prevents third-party applications from loading, including spyware

The idea is to use safe mode to prevent it being tested and enabled uninstall the apps involved. If you are unsure, you can always reset your phone to make sure there is nothing left.

Now it's time to change passwords to all the accounts you created on your mobile phone. Most importantly a Google account, but also Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Of particular importance are credentials for bank applications and applications such as Paypal.

To avoid similar situations in the future, that's best activate two steps for all the services you can, and if possible not by SMS code, but by specific application or notifications. This way, even if someone gets your password, they can't access your accounts without your knowledge.

Once you have everything under control, it's a good time to think how to spyware on your mobile, to prevent it from happening again. Basically two possibilities are considered: whether it is done by someone who has access to the cellphone for a few minutes, or whether you do it yourself believing that you have installed something else. This second possibility is somehow possible, since you have to manually grant multiple permissions to run.


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