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How do you change an app name for Android?




Android Applications

Although the customization options included on Android are numerous, there are still some unusual program details that aren't optimized for user preferences. Or at least not traditional.

It is a form of the name of the application. Since this data is directly linked to the document itself AndroidManplay.xml app, which describes important application information, It is not possible to change the title of the application unless the device is rooted and lucky enough to make further modifications to the applications installed on the mobile.

Fortunately, almost always, rather than an easy way modifying the name of apps on Android.

Change the title of apps on your home screen on Android

Applications on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Procedure for change the title of the icon Android is simple, and to do so, you just need to have a third-party launcher installed on your phone. To clarify this lesson, we have chosen to use Lawnchair, one of our favorite beginners. However, you can use others like Nova Launcher. That means, the steps that will be followed are the following:

  1. On the Home screen or app drawer, long press the app icon whose name you want to change.

  2. Tap on "Customize."

  3. Tap on the app name field, and enter the title you want to assign.

That's all. In this way, the app icon title will be the one you entered, not real. This "trick", without giving it a different look on the home screen, can be useful, for example, when adjusting a tool to a less experienced user, so that apps can easily point – for example, changing "Chrome" by "Browser" -.


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