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How is the Magic keypad track and how it works




Last week IFixit gave us an X-ray view of the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. The idea, while showing us the beauty of the interior design of this case, left the theme up in the air: built-in trackpad functionality.

One button and a smart machine


Now back at iFixit, they have completely taken over the trackpad to reveal a clever operating system. Keep in mind that the Magic Keyboard keyboard, unlike Apple's expanding Macs, it does not have a taptic engine to provide feedback when we click on it.

The reasons for this shortage are actually due to the large size of the new cover. So Apple is looking for a way other trackpad "click".

Apple has positioned the virtual button at the center of the trackpad, when we press next to this button, that is, throughout the central trackpad, we press the button directly down and use it. There, instead, we press the edges of the trackpad the hinge machine extends downward

in the format of the trackpad to activate the button.

It is an effective and excellent remedy that, even though it has seen it may seem obvious, certainly it requires the attention of the design team keyboard. With this system, we press the button directly, or do it indirectly, but an error may occur, providing a pleasant and realistic user experience.

Details like this, available on all apple type devices, make more than a huge difference to devices. Without a doubt, as Jony Ive puts it, Apple products are just as good (or more) inside as the outside.


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