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How security practices work on Android



In August 2015, Google began releasing monthly Android security reports, and reported new threats or vulnerabilities discovered. At the same time, monthly security flights were issued, so that phones in the operating system are protected. A few jars are still being released today.

Dismissing these safety clips Android is something that continues to generate comments, and has previously forced Google to take action. Fortunately, it is an obvious improvement today. Although we hear about these beams frequently, their exact functionality is not entirely clear.

Two types of leads

The first factor that can cause confusion is that in fact there are two security guards every month. The condition in both cases usually follows the day of the year and month, with two numbers at the end of it. Usually it ends on 01 or 05, which does not refer to the day of the month the pool is released, but instead points to two different types of bounds, two different levels.

A patch ending to 01 contains android framework configurations, though it does not release the originals of the providers or the Linux kernel. When the terminal ends 05, we get these provider pools, in addition to the Linux kernel boot. This factor is the only difference between these two types or levels of marks.

What's in the safety pocket?

The security package is just an update, or much smaller as it has less weight, with changes to individual structures and system modules rather than improvements or changes to the overall operating system. Every month, Google provides device manufacturers with a zip file containing parts of all major Android versions that are currently supported.

In addition, a set of tests is also provided. This test set helps manufacturers to identify gaps in security security, ensuring that nothing is lost and that the beginnings are well integrated. As the month progresses, Google may make minor updates, such as determining a particular pool to be selected, especially if there are problems with the application.

How long does it take to get to the phones

This is one of the fields where else is developing on Android, distribution of safety poles. Recent studies have shown that the time from the height of release to mobile access is reduced. In 2018, it took 44 days on average to have these figures and this number has now been reduced to 38 days.

However there are still significant differences between the products. Products such as Google, Nokia, Sony or even more importantly, usually have security features on the same day of release. While there are other types of products that often take a month to launch such a pool of their own phones. One of the keys to this difference is that there are products called Android Partner, and thus it has acquired this pool at high speed.

So depending on your phone type, you will have to wait longer or shorter when it comes to finding safety containers. As long as you have a device from one of these sectors known as Android Partner, it will launch faster, faster. While some products will have to wait a long time to get this hold.

What does it mean to be an Android partner?

Not all brands can make or own Android Partner or an Android partner. Those partner firms are licensed to use the Android version in their advertising and marketing campaigns. In addition to accessing the features quickly, because the peaks released from the Android framework are usually available on it a few days before publication, which is already an important feature.

They also received notifications and details of problems in the operating system. up to 30 days before being made public. Google also offers security restrictions earlier, because a security deposit from a specific month, such as May 2020, may already be tested for products within the Android Partner program in March. They have more time to inspect those thorns and make sure they do not disappear.

Why do the veins of security take so long to arrive?

As shown in the table in the previous section, the differences between the products are obvious. Being a Android partner product has a clear influence on this, when it comes to detecting these security incidents very quickly. Although there are a number of other factors and contributing factors, in addition to being partners or not. These are some of the factors that can influence the time it takes to arrive:

  • Work verification is slow to arrive.
  • Manufacturers have to make major technical changes to accommodate such a security pool, as it can lead to problems with the current code.
  • Some companies do not want to issue a security update that is not related to the phone update (application or interface).
  • It takes time for a vendor to provide a source code for updating closed source components.

These are some of the most influential reasons at the time it takes to arrive on phones. Although there are times when users do not give much importance to this protection, or the time it takes to recover it, even though you have the desire to keep your phone updated on this.

How to know if you have all the security containers

To find out if get some Android security clips For your phone, there are two options available. First of all we can look at the phone settings of what a newly discovered patch has been, at least one that gives us an idea about the frequency with which the clips are quoted. There is also an app that we can use that will specify the fractions we have.

Phone settings

In Android Settings we can see a section there The latest security patch is displayed and when properly protected, that means once we have received the latest updates. The steps to see this are the following:

  1. Turn on your phone settings.
  2. Install System.
  3. Go to About phone (for some phones it is a separate part, not in the system).
  4. Check out the Android Security Patch section.
  5. Find out which closest lake you have found.


SnoopSnitch security patch

This application is intended for testing on your phone, to show the strings you received from it over time. In addition, there is a section called Patch that is lost, where we can see that we have lost the originals, which can mean that the manufacturer has skipped some clips, as long as the number shown in this section is greater than 0. This test takes several minutes, but provides useful information.

SnoopSnitch can be downloaded on Android for free. In addition, within the program there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind.




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