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How to access Xiaomi's private key to check if your phone is working properly




The CIT menu for Xiaomi phones is a series of changes that allow Checks the part of the phone with its component. When the screen, wireless communication, vibration, FM radio and many other tests work well. Want to know how to access the CIT menu mentioned on your Xiaomi? We teach you every step of the way.

Many cell phones often hide certain test menus to see if they work properly. They are called Hardware testing or component testing menus, a hidden option that enables full app testing. Xiaomi phones feature it, for example: a menu called CIT. It does not require too many steps to access it and provides many phone monitoring tools.

Check if each part of your Xiaomi is working

Cit Xiaomi's secret menu

The CIT menu is hidden in the system settings without risking access or invoking its menu options

. MIUI provides a series of step-by-step tests that ensure the effectiveness of the application. Generally, the menu is available on all Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco or Black Shark mobiles: if they have MIUI they have a CIT menu for performing control tests. Of course, not all test menus are the same: you may find different options manually, but they may also be the tests are done automatically and you must follow the instructions on the screen.

Accessing the hidden & # 39; hardware test menu & # 39; requires logging into your Xiaomi mobile specification. The CIT filing process is as follows:

  • Go to MIUI Settings and look for the & # 39; My device & # 39; It should be the first menu in the list.
  • Access & # 39; All Details & # 39 ;.
  • Search the & # 39; Kernel version & # 39; ne press five times in a row: you will access the CIT secret menu.
  • The menu should give you a check of all Hardware installed on your phone: press the component key and follow the instructions to make sure it works properly. The texts are written in English.
  • In the event that the menu is automated you will have a blue button to start the experiment. Your device will go step-by-step checking each component again it will ask you to interact with the screen when it needs your help. Instructions are written in English.
Cit Xiaomi's secret menu

With the above you will know what works and what doesn't in your phone: if it & # 39; s over & # 39; it means that this part is going well; If it & # 39; t fail & # 39; t appear to mean that it did not behave as it should for tests, which could mean poor performance (often you'll have to mark one or the other depending on the result). It would be worth it to pass the CIT exam if you think something is wrong with your Xiaomi.

Access the CIT menu from the app

You can already see that the menu is hidden, though not difficult to find. However, there are ways to simplify CIT entry, such as using an application Xiaomi's hidden settings. In addition to providing access to the & # 39; Hardware test & # 39 ;, the app allows you to enter many settings that are automatically blocked by MIUI. We recommend it to you.


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