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How to add, view and delete bookmarks in PDF documents using preview on our Mac



How to add, view and delete bookmarks in PDF documents using preview on our Mac

In multi-page PDF documents, the use of bookmarks can make it easier to find the exact page we want. With this simple system we can bookmark as many pages as you want and they will all come together in one place, ready to login with a single click. Let's see how we can add, view and delete bookmarks in PDF document using preview on our Mac.

How to add, view or delete bookmarks


Bookmarking a PDF document is easy. First we go to the page where we want to install it, then click on the menu Tools

and we select the option Enter bookmark Aw press Command (⌘) + D. After adding a tag we will see that it is displayed in the upper right part of the page with a red signal.

Once we have added our first marker, we will look at their list. Very simple: in the menu Show

we choose Bookmarks The press Option (⌥) + Command (Command) + 5. We will see a sidebar from the preview window and in this list of all bookmarks. For each bookmark, the page number and the original text are displayed in quick mode.

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Delete bookmarks? Simple, from the list of bookmarks we've already made from the previous step we just did double-click the mark we want to remove and select Delete in the menu.

Finally, if we wish Also hide bookmarks we can do it by pressing Option (⌥) + Command (⌘) + 5 or Hide sidebar in the menu Show.

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That's easy. It may seem like a small detail but the truth is, especially if we carry a multi-page document or need frequent consultation, the ability to have our own “index” of pages is very useful.

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