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How to apply search filters in the Google Play Store



How to apply search filters in the Google Play Store

Selection of applications and games available on the Google Play Store is enormous. Therefore, when searching for a store, it is difficult for most users to find the program they are looking for. The good part is that the store makes this process easier for us because of the functions like filters, which arrived in Spain this spring.

The concept of these filters in the Google Play Store is be able to easily find games or applications. As their job, as their name suggests, is that we will be able to filter results when we do a search. The selection of filters is wide and easy to use.

Because there are so many apps in the app store, filters will be a great help in search

. We can associate them with category searches, so that we have more accurate and faster searches, which will always provide better results.

Use the Google Play Store filters

The Google Play Store also knows when to use these filters, because if we introduce a name like Netflix when we want something, we will not have that way, because it is clear what we want at that moment. What we are looking for will be considered, so that they will assist us in this search. Let's see if we find filters when we use words or words that are very searching.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Enter a search term (for example, email).
  3. Check out the options from the bottom of the search bar, because they are filters.
  4. Select the filters you want to apply.
  5. Wait for the selection of applications in the list to narrow down.
  6. Search for the app you want.

The filters we get are several, such as being able to select only those programs with the best ratings (more than 4 stars), and the most recent store access, and a selection of editors, where we find apps recommended by Google. There are also filters like premium, in case you want to select paid apps, or block those apps from displaying in search.

Because of them we can do direct and simple search in the Google Play Store. So if you are looking for an app in general, for a specific action or function, filters will help you get better results.

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