Hey siri

One of the options we have with Siri that can go unnoticed is to activate the speakerphone directly during a call. When we ask Siri to call someone, we may have AirPods or headphones connected, we are in the car or at home while we are doing other tasks. In the first two cases, when we have headphones connected or when we are inside the car with CarPlay or Bluetooth connected, we will not have a problem speaking, but When we ask him to call from home, the speakerphone doesn’t activate and we have to lean on if we just say, “Hey Siri, call work.”

Ask Siri to turn on the speakerphone during a call

It’s a little trick / trick that many of you are probably already using, but a lot of others aren’t. In this case, the important thing is that we all make the most of Siri and its possibilities. Having a HomePod for example makes this easier, but it doesn’t, so we go with the phrase we need to say to Siri to make this call automatically and

the iPhone speaker is on.

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“Hey Siri is calling home on the speakerphone”

And ready. Added the “speakerphone” end to the end of the typical “Hey Siri is calling home” We will have the call automatically active from there and we don’t need to click anywhere on our iPhone to activate it. It is clear that when we are using headphones or connected to CarPlay it would not be necessary, but surely when we are at home or working this option can be useful.

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