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How to change the Siri and gender plug-in on iPhone and Mac



How to change the Siri and gender plug-in on iPhone and Mac

Siri is one of the best-known assistants in the computing world, and thousands of Apple users use it daily, even to make very interesting and complex questions that can happen to you.

What many of them probably do not know is that the tone we associate with Siri can be changed, so you can choose whether to choose a male or female.

Now, what if you are one of those who cannot tolerate a stranger suddenly ask you what you need. You have it just as simple: you have to learn it disable Siri.

How to change your gender and Siri statement on iPhone or iPad

Choosing between a female Siri or a male Siri is very easy, as is the choice. Below we explain in detail how to do it.

1. Open ‘Justification‘From your iPh one or iPad, followed by category Siri and Search

‘. Alternatively, you can turn on Siri by pressing and holding the start menu and asking it to change its voice.

2. Now, it will be easier to find the category ‘Language‘. Tap on it to redirect to the list of available languages. For us, we prefer ‘English – E.E.U.U).

3. Finally, you have the opportunity to choose the sex and highlights of your Siri. You will need to go back to the ‘Siri and Search' section and touch ‘The voice of Siri‘. Below, select ‘The man ‘Any' The woman‘.

How to change Siri's vocabulary and composition on a Mac or MacBook

If you are using Siri on your Mac or MacBook, you may also be interested in changing the type and tone of your assistant from time to time so you don't hate it. In this case, you should follow the procedure shown below.

1. Open ‘System Preferences‘From your Mac or MacBook and click the section called ‘Confidentiality‘.

2. Now, you can show the menu ‘Language‘ Choosing the English language of your choice – or specifically the other language.

3. Finally, open the ‘drop-down' menu. The voice of Siri and choose one of these one.

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