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How to clean WhatsApp to make it work better




WhatsApp, the quintessential instant messaging app in Spain and worldwide. Aside from its legitimate rivals like Telegram, Facebook Messenger or WeChat, the mythical WhatsApp remains as impotent as the unauthorized leader in texting and much more, and that is, the app also allows us to make video calls of up to eight users, who would tell us. However, the popularity of the use of WhatsApp, the opportunity to share content and other app capabilities makes you a huge heap of trash, things we don't need and that slow down the system the same way it saves our iPhone.

Today we want teach you how to clean up on WhatsApp and some small tricks to keep it from happening again.

Tricks to keep WhatsApp clean

The important thing is to start the house on a regular basis. It is pointless to make a cleaner accomplishment if we do not have the basic and necessary concepts to be able to keep our WhatsApp properly ordered and away from junk content. Who more and more can't get regular access to inbound, inactive animated GIFs, Millions of "fake" audios and huge variety of content are not only needed, but also take up space in our storage in the most absurd way possible.

Turn off automatic download immediately

The first, important step in installing WhatsApp is that unfortunately many do not know it because they have never entered the app configuration. WhatsApp has auto-enabled content and this is the first thing to do. It makes sense that they work when we find that many groups receive so many messages that it's impossible to read them all, So, you have photos in your iPhone memory that you have never seen before. Therefore disabled:

  1. Click "Configuration".
  2. Select an option "Data and storage".
  3. In the section "Automatic download of file" which is first available, select "No" for those files you don't want to continue downloading automatically, after you've found pictures, videos, audios and text.

Protect photos from being stored in Reel

ANOTHER ADDITIONAL WORD OF THE DESCRIPTION built by WhitsApp is that these photos and videos were downloaded directly to the "Reel" tab of the iPhone, which has now been replaced by the "Photos" tab or the "latest" album. This means that if you want to see a photo you took last summer, you should browse through hundreds of announcements from a politician at work or a photo of your cousin's morning coffee. Don't worry, you can prevent WhatsApp photos from being stored in such a queue:

  1. Click "Configuration".
  2. Select an option Conversations inside this menu.
  3. Disable option "Save to Photos".

This option is automatically activated and it seems to me it's one of the bad dreams of the average iOS user and the main reason why people hate photos on WhatsApp. Believe me, your life will be better if you follow these two simple tips, but now we go through more complex, cleansing tasks.

How to clean WhatsApp

Once the aforementioned is clear, it's time to put on the digital gloves, act with patience and start a career that will depend largely on whether or not you have applied the strategies we mentioned. If automatic downloads work with the "Save to Photos" function, I recommend that you patiently equip and secure your iPhone before it gets confusing on the wall.

That said, we're down to business.

More content to remove

WhatsApp developers have already calculated the problem, so they have opened up a functionality that allows us to be more in control of how we use our storage WhatsApp iPhone and the fact that it works really well. To access this section we follow the following procedure:

  1. We are entering a category "Configuration".
  2. Click on that section "Data and storage".
  3. We choose the option Consumption of storage.

We will now open a list of all the conversations we have opened or posted to WhatsApp again We'll let you know the exact size you use for this dialog in our memory, and point to each file type to determine how much it works. We will be able to distinguish between all of this content:

  • Pictures
  • GIF
  • Videos
  • Voice messages
  • Documents
  • Stickers

If we press down when it says "Manage …" in blue, we will be able to pour that particular dialog of our content. However, we must remember that it will erase all this type of content, without prejudice to our preference or not, this is the most powerful shortcut (and most effective way to start a new life).

Select the content we want to delete

If on the other hand we want to do it The most refined choice because we have photos and videos we received by WhatsApp with a special love in it or what we want to store, whether in the WhatsApp memory or in our device memory, we should do the following:

  1. We get into WhatsApp's discussion as we often do.
  2. Press up, where the contact's name appears in the "Contact details" section, or "Group information" if available.
  3. We select the option "Files, links and documents."
  4. A window will appear that will allow us to manage these files. If we want to make a large selection, click "Select" on the right to select individual images or slide your finger around to make them faster.

This is an option we can both use to take it out (by pressing the trash can mark the bottom right) how to save these pictures In our Photos app, just because we have to select them, press the "Share" button on the left and select the "Save Photos" option. We will be able to clear both the files and links received as well as the received text (not audios, stickers and other content).

We hope we have helped you to completely clean up your WhatsApp again Remember, a cleaner doesn't want to know more, but that's a small space.


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