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How to create a video chat group of 50 people using WhatsApp



How to create a video chat group of 50 people using WhatsApp

Thanks to integration with Messenger Rooms, Facebook has been able to Video calls from WhatsApp can reach up to 50 users. Without a doubt being able to overcome the boundaries of the 8 participants currently placed by WhatsApp is more than interesting, or because of this we need to install a Messenger app.

Rooms on WhatsApp thanks to the integration of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp


Messenger Rooms is a new service, launched by Facebook in April, to compete with Zoom and FaceTime. This service, which we can use in the Messenger app, allows us to set up to 50 people. Now, thanks to the integration of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp we can start a call directly on WhatsApp to make it easier for participants to join.

Let us also emphasize that in order to use this function Facebook Messenger is required to be installed on the device, because WhatsApp imposes on Messenger the responsibility of making room for a new conference. Please note that a Facebook account is not required to join the call, but is required to establish it.

To reveal the requirements let's look at the steps we must take:

  1. We open the WhatsApp application on our iPhone.
  2. Create a new group or add an existing one.
  3. Touch the “+” in the lower left of the screen, next to the text box.
  4. Choose Room.
  5. Tap Continue to Messenger.

Now we have to wait for the chat participants to join the video call. We can also pass a WhatsApp group link to invite more people outside the group to join the video call. Remember, if there are more than 50 users,  only the first 50 who join will be able to enter the video call.

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It is important to remember that Messenger Rooms does not use front-end encryption like FaceTime or WhatsApp, so we have to be flexible in terms of the usage that the service will provide. In any case, while Facebook connects all the services it offers – especially Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger – we will see more competition in the communications sector. A competition that, ultimately, has benefited us with the quality and number of options.

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