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How to delete your Houseparty account on Android




Yesterday, news that HouseParty had been eaten into wildfire on social media, news that its creators have denied, saying it's possible campaign to undermine the app's reputation (They also provide a reward to anyone who provides information). However, if you have any reason to want to delete your account for any reason, the bad news is that the option is not available on Android.

Today the rumor that Houseparty is eaten seems to be nothing more than a joke one of so many hoaxes on the Internet, even if you have entered it in its day and have not used it, it is not immediately possible to delete an account to lower your bandwidth. If you want to do it, in Houseparty for iPhone you can do it from menus, but that option is not on Android, how can you do it?

The party is over

If you want to delete your HouseParty account on iPhone, you can do it from Settings> Privacy> Delete account

, but on Android this menu simply opens a privacy policy, with no submenu inside. There is no easy way to delete an account from Android, although that may not be possible.

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While we expect this option to be added to Android, the privacy policy itself shows you know request removal of your account by email where you have to enter your personal data to verify your identity.

When applicable law permits, you may send an email to or use any of the methods established in this Privacy Policy to request access, retrieval, request modification or request removal of personal information we have about you. .

Please enter your full name, the email address associated with your account, and a detailed description of your data request. Such requests will be considered in accordance with local laws. In the case of removal requests, we will take steps to delete your personal information as soon as possible, but certain information may remain in the archived copies of our records or as required by law.

That is, while there is no choice to delete the account yourself, you should email us at including what you want to do (delete your account), your full name and the email address associated with the account. It is not mentioned, though it might be a good idea to enter the account number.


The privacy policy states that steps will be taken to delete your information "immediately", so it is not known how long it will take to delete your account. While the complicated Houseparty hacking stories seem to be more than hoaxes, the reality is that as a social network Regrettably, the option to delete the account is not included in the app itself, at least in its Android version.


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