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How to detect problems and sensors on Android



Our Android phones have a series of sensors, which are an aid to its proper functioning, since each sensor has a different purpose. As can be the case with any part of the phone, these sensors can also experience performance issues, which will affect the overall phone performance.

When this kind of problem arises, we may not know or immediately recognize the error in one of the phone sensors. Although there is a number features or clues that may indicate that the fault or problem is on Android sensors.

Symptoms are problematic on Android

Sensor problems on Android may vary, because they will rely on sensors that present problems, although there are often specific indications that make us aware of these failures, especially in certain common phone actions. Therefore, it is important to note when and when some of these occur.

The most common is a telephone don't get it if we put it directly or horizontally. If the display stays unchanged, unchanged, there may be a problem with the phone accelerometer. Another common mistake occurs when we play certain games, such as racing games, and the car does not register curves when it turns mobile. This kind of failure to show that there is something wrong with the gyroscope.

When you install an app to measure your activity on the phone, like Google Fit for example, and you can see that the step-count function does not work Well, the phone pedometer might not work properly. Or if when you try to unlock your phone using a fingerprint sensor, the sensor doesn't notice it at any time.

How to check if there is actually a fault

Multitool sensors

If we suspect that there may be an error on any sensor on Android, it's best to do some tests or questions

, which allows us to decide whether or not there really exists. This way we know if there really is a problem and we can continue to apply the solution to the device. There are several ways to perform such tests, or the simplest of which is to use an app called Multi-Tool Sensors.

What is this program? which I will do to analyze the senses on Android, to find out if there are performance problems in any of them. This way we can take action in the event of any of them. The application interface is very easy to use, we simply choose which sensor we want to process and wait for it to give us results.

It is a request that we can download for free on the phone, even though it has ads inside. A very useful tool, by which you can analyze the device and find out if its sensor is faulty or has performance problems.




How to fix a bug

Fast TuneUp

When these types of problems occur with the senses, the solution is to act normally to measure these sensors on Android, something we taught you to do before. The calibration option is the one that provides the best results, and can be done in various ways on the phone, allowing the sensitive sensor in the phone to function normally again.

There are several ways, often being all comfortable using your application. Some Android phones, for example, have a traditional calculation function, but since most do not provide this option, you have to switch to applications to make this possible.

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