How to have the home screen of your iPhone without apps 1

Apple Lately we are wasting a slew of customization capabilities that previously would have come under heavy attack from the Cupertino company, and yet we now have the approval of the iOS App Store itself to everyone’s surprise.

Do you want to have a home screen that is completely free of apps and fully showing your wallpaper? We bring you a small tutorial with a recommended application that will allow you to complete this curious task. Turn your iPhone into a unique device, take advantage of the few customization capabilities that Apple offers us.

For this we will need a completely free application available in the iOS App Store called Transparent widget, While it is available in Apple’s official app store, we understand that it has all the security and privacy measures one would expect from something like this, but take the opportunity to download it. because we already know that those in Cupertino have a very quick trigger when we talk about these issues.

As a requirement, you should know that running iOS 14 is essential, Since this is the first version of Apple’s mobile operating system that supports the famous Widgets, so check it out before starting this tutorial.

  1. Long press on your iPhone screen to activate the application editor or Jiggle Mode
  2. Create a new completely blank page and take a screenshot with Power and Volume +
  3. Now open the transparent widget on your iPhone and select the screenshot as the setting when creating the widgets.
  4. If the wallpaper is now in the app, you have completed the step correctly
  5. Find and add the transparent widget to your home screen page which was empty
  6. Disable the rest of the home screen pages

And this is how surprisingly you have a totally clean and empty homescreen?