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How to hide photos and videos on your iPhone



If you want to hide private photos and videos on your iPhone, you have a number of options available. The easiest way to hide private content is by applying the image itself.

Apple has been predicting the possibility of hiding photos and videos in the Photos app for several years, and although it does not provide any kind of password or biometric protection as an alternative, it is a free and easy option suitable for most iOS users.

Here we describe various ways to hide photos and videos on your iPhone, including application photos, application files and third-party modes available in the App Store.

Hide content in the Photos app

To Hide photos and videos for the iOS app:

  • Open the photo app.
  • Select the image you want to hide. You can also select many items at once allowed Select button at the top right.

  • Tap & # 39; Share & # 39; button and & # 39; Hide & # 39 ;.
  • Make sure you want to hide the contents of all libraries and albums.

Now your photos and videos should be hidden, but don't worry, you can still find the tab & # 39; album & # 39; and scroll down to the & # 39; hidden & # 39; (it's the bottom right).

If you want to "Show" content at any time, follow these steps:

  • Open the photo app.
  • Find the photo or video you want them to display in the album & # 39; hidden & # 39;
  • Select the content you want to display.
  • Tap the & # 39; Share & # 39; then touch & # 39; Unhide & # 39;

The photos and videos you have hidden must be visible in your gallery and the album goes before.

Hide the contents of the program Files

If you don't like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving all content hidden in an easy-to-find album, you have another option available: the Files app.

Be it iOS 11, Files app offers iPhone and iPad users how to access documents from apps and cloud storage services like iCloud-Google Drive.

It's a great way to manage files on your iPhone to back up important files and cloud storage services, but it can also be a great place to hide private photos and videos.

Why? Because you can save content to a file app and remove it from the advanced image app, away from print eyes. Just create a folder in the Files app – maybe within another folder more secure content – and export your content from the Photos app.

You can hide the confidential content of the files by following these steps:

  • Open the & # 39; Photos & # 39; app
  • Select the content you want to transfer the application & # 39; Files & # 39; You can select multiple items at once by tapping & # 39; Select & # 39; button in the top right.
  • Tap the & # 39; Share & # 39; then touch & # 39; Save to files & # 39;
  • Select the storage location (either your iPhone or cloud storage) and find out where you would like to create a new folder. It can be inside an existing folder – just the arrow button of an existing folder.

  • Create a new folder (icon in the top right) and name it.
  • Touch the folder created and then touch the icon & # 39; Save & # 39; at the top right to submit your content application & # 39; Files & # 39;
  • Open the Files app and find your new folder.
  • Make sure all content you have selected is available

  • Back up photos app and delete photos and videos you want to keep private.
  • Go to the & # 39; album & # 39; then touch & # 39; Already Deleted.
  • Tap & # 39; Select & # 39; on the top right and touch & # 39; Delete all & # 39; to completely delete content.

Your photos and videos must be accessible through the application & # 39; Files & # 39; while they are deleting your photo library.


Of course, you always have the option to download one of the many hidden apps available in the App Store, but which one should you choose?

Secret Photo Vault, Priced at $ 3.99 in the App Store, it provides a clean and secure way to hide your private photos and videos. In addition to being able to create custom folders (even slideshows) from the app, the built-in camera lets you take pictures directly from the app, without the need to delete them from the Photos app separately.

Private Photo Vault Pro It's another solid $ 3.99 payment, and while it doesn't allow you to take pictures directly from the app, it does allow you to password protect both albums and the app as a whole. Oh, and it'll take a picture of anyone trying to install the app without your knowledge.

If you do not want to pay, always have free applications like Secret Folder. Limited to options premium mentioned above, but will not protect your private content with a password and will notify you if anyone tries to access the request was unsuccessful.

For more details on how to protect your content, see how to protect your passwords for iPhone files and folders.

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