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How To Increase Siri Security in iPhone Lock Screen



How To Increase Siri Security in iPhone Lock Screen

Siri is a great helper for certain tasks, such as helping us control our music. Its key is speed and comfort when you do it. As a result, some minor tasks can be activated or used by someone outside the service. They are not overly complicated, but it is important to know what they are in order to make a decision. Let's see what can Siri do on the lock screen and how we can increase your security by disabling them.

This is all Siri can do on the lock screen without authenticity


The iPhone is different from other devices in that it travels with us (almost) everywhere. This makes it a target for theft or loss. There may be a chance for someone to find it again find out more details carefully ours. In other words, it is possible for people outside the user to gain unauthorized access to our terminal.

By default Siri can be used for other tasks or the screen is locked. This means that it does not need to be authorized for plead

to the assistant and to that anyone accessing the terminal can do it. Here are some of the orders that Siri can give to the lock screen:

  • Activate or not to interrupt mode.
  • Activate or activate a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enable or disable data connection.
  • Activate or activate Bluetooth connection.
  • Send a message to a specific contact.
  • Call a specific contact.
  • Find the phone number and full owner name.
  • Turn the camera on.
  • Create events in the calendar. In the event you meet others, it will let you know.
  • Create reminders
  • Handle HomeKit accessories.

Some of them they are completely harmless. Some like to make calendar events or reminders will be more of a hassle. Where we may find ourselves in a certain danger that our privacy or security is in requests to drive or write to a specific contact.

For this to happen you know the name of the contact. Or simply test that the user has configured family relationships for contacts, to know “call my wife” or “write to my dad” Perhaps the most “dangerous” role is asking Siri “who I am” and giving you the full name and phone number. But this is intended for times out IPhone lost and anyone who finds it wants to contact the owner to return it.

How to disable Siri on lock screen

As we have seen, Siri on the lock screen can be a small door to our privacy. However does not allow access to the contents of the application, delete or modify it, we might like Siri to be unavailable from the iPhone lock screen. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  • With your iPhone unlocked, go to Settings> Touch ID or Face ID and Code.
  • In the section “Allow access when blocked”, we will uninstall Siri.
  • We will go back and the setting will be changed.

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And that's it. Siri will no longer work on the iPhone lock screen. Please note that this means you cannot take advantage of jobs is provided by the server without any validation on your terminal. What will add some discomfort is the exchange of security and privacy.

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