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How to Make iOS 14 Icons and widgets



How to Make iOS 14 Icons and widgets

With the advent of iOS 14 We've had a lot of news, some better than others, for example the endless battery downturn that affects many users, especially those with older devices like the iPhone X. However, not all bad news in recent days with the advent of iOS 14.

New features have appeared, now you may have customized the icons and created your widgets in iOS 14 the easiest way you could think of, find out how you can do that. As always, at Actualidad iPhone we teach you an easy way to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

Customize the icons

How to customize icons is the easiest you can think of. I always recommend that you watch videos related to these totorales to make it easier for you to follow all the steps by watching them live, however, we can always leave you here by writing the best details. What we are going to do is simple thinking, and this time we need one of the applications the Cupertino company has given us so much love, we are talking about shortcuts.

We will do the following simple steps, but the first thing is to select or save in our gallery the image or icon that you want to use later as a custom icon. For this re ason we can do it ourselves with PhotoShop or a tool we deem appropriate, or as it appears in our video tutorial, download it directly from Google Images, leaving it to your liking, but keep it easy for your iPhone's Photo Gallery next time. We are now going to go to the shortcut app and do the following steps:

  1. Press the “+” button to add a new shortcut
  2. Selecting the option «Script»
  3. We select the option “Open application …”
  4. Now in «Select» we press and select the app we want to open
  5. Once selected we press the «…» button in the upper right corner
  6. Select «Show on Home Screen» and click the image icon
  7. Now we select the image and respond to it

Okay, we've already created our shortcut to emulate the app icon. Personally, it's not my favorite activity because it creates a small “lag” between clicking on an icon and how long it takes to open the program, but Looks like it's a real trend with # iOS14HomeScreen so we show it to you.

Customize your widgets to the fullest

The second youth is exactly what we can do and customize our widgets, and this time we will use the app introduced in the iOS App Store and that you should download as soon as possible. Speaking of Widgetsmith, an app that in theory is completely free despite having certain fees included. Everything else is history, once the app is installed we will be able to see that we have three options for the traditional level widgets that Apple has used for its app.

Once the app is installed, we can go in and select a specific widget size. When we log in we can customize from the source down to the content displayed by the widget. It is clear that it is currently limited to certain weather information, and some details only show content in English, but will certainly be updated soon to reflect different content in more languages. At the moment some of its features are paid for and some are completely free, we will have to work on it.

In the meantime, join the challenge, go to Twitter with the hashtag # iOS14HomeScreen, quote @A_iPhone (our Twitter account) and show us who your creators are with these new customization tools. You can join our Telegram channel (LINK) and show us how it happened.

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