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How to place fractions on the keyboard of your smartphone




How often do we use our smartphone keyboard all day? Countless. Whether you can talk on WhatsApp, leave comments on Instagram and even search for content on Google, keyboard is one of the most important apps on our mobile deviceSo the importance of having the one that suits our needs.

Now, do you know how to place fractions with your Android device keyboard? It is not a daily thing but we only need to sometimes write a part and we do not know how. But rest assured that we will explain it quickly and easily.

How to write parts on your Android device keyboard

Gboard for Android

For this simple trick we have used Google Keyboard, not only because it looks the best in terms of speed and efficiency, but also because it allows us to position images as the back of the keyboard itself, making it custom. Although the layout of fractions will be the same when it comes to using any keyboard


For this to happen we have to have a top row of numbers activated on the keyboard and all we have to do select any number and hold your finger on it. This way we will see how a small window appears and select multiple fractions. For example, when we touch down 1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 it will appear and so on.

keyboard parts

Of course this is not something that will change our lives and we may not have fractions at any time, however It's never difficult to read the keyboard of our smartphone properly. It's also possible that if you love math you need to know how to put these instructions in the keyboard of your mobile phones and now there's no reason not to know how to do them.

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