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How to save the battery on the new Google Chrome and the blocking and the use of high



Google announced a new feature of your browser: prohibits ads that consume the battery and device resources. This work will arrive in the summer in Google Chrome, but you can already check your mobile phone Android: you just have to activate the & # 39; Flag & # 39; or the work of development that opens up a block of ads and the use of high.

There may be a variety of major web browsers on Android, but there is only one used a lot: Chrome. It is cheating a bit because the app comes pre-installed on most Android. And as a result, you can try one of the latest Chromium developers are already ready for mobile applications with the desktop: to block ads that use excessive resources. You have in your stable Chrome.

Google Chrome stops the use of ads

Big Block Ads Google Chrome

As is often the case with the features of Chrome developers test in-house, ad blocking high power use of resources Browser hidden code. Although it is very easy to activate for & # 39; Flag & # 39; available in mobile applications, including the stable Chrome for Android. To make the experimental work or & # 39; Flag & # 39; Your Chrome will block those ads that take phone battery.

While it & # 39; Flag & # 39; Ad blocking does not mean that prevents Google Chrome advertising from work applies only to the type of ad requires high CPU use print screen

. As defined by the Google blog leChromium, is being marketed with heavy device, abuse of resources and their proper use.

To activate the new lock you must do the following:

  • Make sure that Google Chrome (stable) to the latest version available.
  • Type & # 39; chrome: // flags & # 39; in the address bar.
  • If the experimental work load, type in the search engine & # 39;Heavy Ad Entry& # 39 ;. That & # 39; Flag & # 39; that blocks the use of the high quality ads.
  • Click on the menu and check & # 39; enabled & # 39 ;.
  • Click the & # 39; Resume & # 39 ;, the bottom, and your Chrome will restart lock activation.
Block Heavy Ads in Google Chrome

After opening the lock -Chrome stop ads disproportionate use of device. A & # 39; Blocked Ad & # 39; a message will appear at the location of the ad; thus avoid high mobile phone battery inokusebenzisa and unusual.

Google confirms that the work will appear by default in all browsers from August 2020, But you can continue to try the obstacles that block the use of high now. It will not improve navigation and make sure that the app does not drain batteries too.

More information | Chromium

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