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How to set up a WhatsApp chat to see it first





WhatsApp, without a doubt, messaging app par excellence, and one that works for a long time in our app stores. This has found itself to establish itself as a widely used communication tool, and that almost all smartphone users use it at some point.

Although widely used, there are jobs available that are not as popular as others, and that because of their ignorance their existence is not used no matter how useful. One of the things that brings us to this article, is set up dialogues.

This is an option it allows us to hold onto the top of our windows for conversations we always want to have, and no matter how much other users write to us, they will never rise to new heights. This is especially effective if we are users who keep multiple conversations at the same time, allowing for the ones we do not want to lose because they are so important to us to mix with the total number of conversations and messages expected.

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How to add me a conversation at the top of the Chats page

The process of adjusting the conversation is very simple, and the fact that a few clicks within the WhatsApp app itself will allow us to do it without any major problem. You just need to follow these steps:

  • 1st Open the app WhatsApp on your iPhone.

  • 2nd Go to the tab Conversations.

  • Third Select the dialog you want to set, and slide your finger from left to right in it.

  • 4th Two new options will appear: Mark as read / unread and option Pin. We choose the following.

As long as we click Pin the selected conversation will move to the first location in our chat window and will remain there.

Pin it allows us to hold more conversations up and down, though we do not recommend investing too much so that the contributing work is not lost. When we add more than one dialog we should know that the last bit will always be in the first place, so if we want them to maintain a certain order it is best to do it in order from the smallest to the most important.


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