When it comes to sharing photos or video, most of us, if not all, mostly use WhatsApp, in addition to the Telegraph and Apple Messages. Google Photos allows us to share photos and videos, as well as albums and libraries. In recent weeks, this program / service installed a new messaging app.

This new messaging service, it is not intended to replace the most commonly used platforms today

, allows us to share photos and videos as part of a conversation, allowing us to comment on the content we upload / share.

So far, if we want to share a photo with other users, we had to create a photo or video album and share a link from it. Thanks to this new function, the sharing experience is much easier as it allows us to comment on shared content and allows us to save the image to the library.

Share photos to Google Photos

  • Once we have selected the image / video we want to dread, we have to click share button and select the image recipient.
  • At that time, a new discussion will be createdn for a shared photo or video.
  • In that discussion, we can show that we like the picture, with a touch of heart, write text above to allow us to save photos to our device, holding the finger in the image.

Once we have started the conversation, we can access again with a sharing tag, a tab where all the conversations are shared where we share photos and video.

To continue adding new photos to that conversation, we should just click thumbnail image by plus sign, which is okay after adding a comment or we can share photos again by doing the same process as I described in this video.