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How to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad



How to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad

We have all seen ourselves in some way in the process of taking a screenshot with our iPhone or iPad.

It can be helpful in most situations: sharing something you've seen on Instagram or Facebook with your friends, saving a piece of a video or web page you're interested in on your phone or sending WhatsApp conversations to other people.

Whatever the reason, the screenshot process will be the same. Continue reading if you want to find out how to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad.

However, if you want to take a screenshot on your Mac computer, you are eager to read our article on it how to take a screenshot on a Mac. And if you are more than Android, then we recommend the following article: how to take a screenshot on Android.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Press the power button on the right side of the iOS device.
  2. Press the ‘Start' button simultaneously.

If you are using iOS 11, you will see an icon icon in the left corner of the screen. You can tap on this icon to see options for editing or sharing photo.

If you swipe left, you'll make the image disappear from the screen (which does not mean you remove it from the device, you can access it in your files). If you do nothing, the icon will disappear from the screen for a few seconds.

Take a screenshot on the iPhone X

New Apple's iPhone X does not have a ‘Start' button. To take a screenshot on the iPhone X, you will have to press the side power button and the volume up (and side) button at the same time.

The process of sharing and scheduling capture will be similar to other iPhones.

How to edit and share a screenshot

If you have the iOS 11 version installed, you can tap on the icon that will appear in the lower left corner of the screen and you'll have access to the marking tool with which to draw an image or make simple editing such as cutting the image.

With this tool you can also share an image using other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Message, etc.

The editing tool has pencils, markers and pens so you can draw on the picture. This can be very helpful, for example, if you want to highlight something especially in photography to draw the attention of your friends to that point.

To crop a picture you have to adjust the blue frame and change it to the size you want.

When you touch the ‘+' icon, in the lower right corner, a series of very useful tools will appear, such as your signature, your shapes or text, and so on.

You can undo any editing you are not happy about by tapping the curved arrow in the top right corner. To share a photo from this app, touch the share icon in the lower left corner.

When you touch this icon, you will see that different ways of sharing appear: Messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

To finish editing click on ‘OK'. You can choose between ‘Save to Pictures' or ‘Delete Screenshot', to avoid blurring your phone with unwanted screenshots.

Edit or share your screenshot in the Photos app

If you haven't had time to touch a photo, or if you have a pre-iOS 11 version, you can get your screenshot in the ‘Photos' app, edit and share from this app.

Once you have found the screenshot, open it and tap on ‘Edit' in the top right corner. Here you can proceed with different actions, such as resizing the image by tapping on the icon in the square in the lower left corner, next to ‘Cancel'.

When you are done editing, click ‘OK' to return to the original screen. To make several edits you will need to touch the icon with three dots and select this tool ‘Dial'.

The only difference with access to the marking tool this way, instead of hitting the icon directly when you are photographing, is that there are no photo sharing options.

How to take screenshot on iPhone without power button

If the ‘Home' button on your iPhone or iPad does not work properly, you should know that there are various ways to take screenshots on your iOS devices.

  1. Go to ‘Settings> General> Availability'.
  2. Swipe until you find the option ‘AssistiveTouch' then touch it.
  3. Enable the option by tapping on the first option. You will know that it works when it looks green.
  4. You will see that the button that stopped the circle appears that you can move around on the screen. Tap on it and select an option ‘Device> More> Capture'.
  5. Hitting in ‘Capture' will happen automatically. Capture will be saved to the ‘Photos' app and other images.

How to take a screenshot without sound

It really happened to you: you were walking on a crowded bus, taking a screenshot, and that annoying noise angry Just like you just took a picture of the passenger in front of you.

If you want to avoid these types of negative situations, you can do it. And the solution is very simple: turn off the sound of your iPhone or iPad by volume control.

It may seem obvious, however, that we have evidence that many users have calculated this method, so it is useless to explain that this is possible for all who have not done so.

How to convert iPhone and iPad captures from .png to .jpg

IOS devices save their screen in png format. So if you want to send this post to someone in jpg format. or use them with a non-png program, you will not have a choice without changing them.

The easiest solution is to save photos to your Mac and open in ‘Preview' or another photo editing program.

To convert a file to jpg follow these steps:

  1. Open hold to enter ‘Preview'.
  2. Click ‘File> Export'.
  3. In the format section, select jpg, and then click ‘Save'.

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