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How to take a screenshot on apps that do not allow it again without root




Taking screenshots on Android is as easy as pressing multiple body keys at once, however some apps won't let you take screenshots. If you try, you'll get a message "Can't save screenshot" or something like this.

This protection is a security mechanism that app developers can use to protect their applications from being hijacked. It is common in banking apps, private chat or streaming apps like Netflix. It can be very frustrating if you need to take a screenshot for some important reason, but luckily there is an easy way skipping protection and no need for roots.

Hi google lend me a hand

As with so many other universal secrets, the solution to the unavailability of taking screenshots on Android is as simple as asking Google. While Android blocks screen capture functionality from running any app, Google's own application has permission

to do it.

So, the next time you want to take a screenshot of a blocked application, such as Google Authenticator, don't try to take a normal image, but press the Start button to open Google Assistant and select What's on my screen?.

Google Assistant doesn't have permission to see what's on the screen, so he'll tell you that Nothing found on the screen

. Anyway, when you tap Share screenshot, you will see that the scan actually happens and you can send it directly to other apps, such as a photo.


After that pick which application you want to send your "banned" image to and where you are, you were able to take a screenshot or Android did not approve it. If you want to get caught in original size, it is better to choose an app that treats like a file rather than an image, such as Save to Drive.

This is the fastest way to take screenshots in apps that do not allow you, or it will not help you record video. On the other hand, Google may modify Assistant functionality to stop this behavior, use this trick while it goes onHowever, perhaps he is not with us for long.


Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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