A recent update of Telegram allows you to import the chats you have on WhatsApp in a few simple steps. Do you want to stop using the Facebook app but keep all your conversations? Well, we explain how.

The application of Telegram saw its user count increase thanks to the latest WhatsApp terms of service update which forced its users to transfer their data to Facebook. Despite the fact that this decision has been delayed, and even in Europe it seems it would have no effect, the damage has already been done and many are seriously considering using another messaging app. But there is a downside that stops this decision: we don’t want to lose our groups, chats, photos, messages, etc.

How to transfer your WhatsApp messages to Telegram 1

In the video, I explain the procedure step by step, and that is to take advantage of the export chat function that WhatsApp offers us in each of them. There is no way to do it completely, but you have to go one by one which can be laborious but well worth it. We will decide if we want to attach the files we have in the chat (photos, videos, GIFs, etc.)

and depending on the size of the chat, we will have to wait a few seconds / minutes until the export file is created. When it’s ready, the iOS “Share” window will appear and we’ll choose Telegram.

At this point we have to choose if we want to import it into an already created chat, or if we want to create a new one, in which we will have to integrate the participants, as is evident. We will chat with all your messages, who sent them, GIFs, videos, photos, etc. all on Telegram, with all the advantages that this implies. It only remains for everyone around us to decide to use this fabulous application, which will not be so easy.