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How to turn on TV on a cellphone with the help of Chromecast




If you have a smart TV, you can control it with your mobile phone through its official program. Otherwise, there might be some weird controls with the help of Google Chromecast. What you can do depends on your TV, though at least you should know it turn off the TV and turn it off from your mobile phone.

This can be useful for plugging your TV into Google Assistant systems, for example, turning off the TV and lights at night or turning it on in the morning to listen to the news. To accomplish this you need a few the first qualitiesAlthough it is very welcome if you have the latest TV.

1. Use the Chromecast charger


Google Chromecast connects directly to the HDMI television port, though it needs the other side get current via USB cable. For simplicity, it is possible to connect this cable to a USB connector inside the TV itself, but this has the disadvantage – for our purposes – that when the TV is turned off, it is normal that it does not send power to Google Chromecast.

If Chromecast is powerless, you can't talk to it. If you can't talk to him, you can't turn on the TV. To use the functions you need Chromecast is always turned off or the TV off. The easiest way to do this is to connect your Chromecast directly to its charger.

2. Enable HDMI CEC on TV


How Chromecast Communicates With TV Remote Based on the HDMI CEC range over 10 years. In plain words, it is a way of send HDMI cable control commands. This way, the Chromecast can turn on the screen when you start streaming, or the remote control you can control Home Cinema.

The standard is officially called HDMI-CEC, even though manufacturers are not unique baptizing him with different names. Samsungs call it Anynet +, Sharp Aquos Link, Sony Bravia Link / Sync, Toshiba CE-Link, LG SimpLink, Panasonic VIERA Link and more. In practice, they are all the same HDMI-CEC.

Although it is normal that HDMI-CEC is already activated, it may be on your TV you have to use it from the options. In fact, it's very common for the system to go wrong, so you have to turn off the TV, wait 10 minutes and then turn it on to activate it again.

3. Ask Google

Turn on the TV

With Chromecast turned on, HDMI-CEC is turned on and off with the TV, the only thing you need to ask Google is as long as you already have your Chromecast on the home system. You can apply for different names like turn on the tv. If the Assistant replies "OK" or something like this, you have everything well prepared. If that answers you but the TV does not turn on, try plugging it in power for 10 minutes, connecting the Chromecast to another HDMI or checking that the HDMI-CEC is on.

Not only does it open Chromecast live TV, and with HDMI-CEC enabled you'll have other benefits, such as turning on the TV and switching to a Chromecast source when releasing audio, being able to configure Chromecast videos remotely and clearly turn off the TV by cellphone. Not all commands will work on all TVs, so it's easy to test what works for you and what doesn't.


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