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How to unlock your iPhone with face ID wearing mask




Although it is not mandatory now to wear a mask on the street (although recommended), it is mandatory at public transport or commercial centers. The mask is already important in our day to day, especially for those who have to go outside.

Wearing a mask reduces the risk of infection for some people, however, we understand that sometimes it can be uncomfortable to wear (that does not mean it should not be worn). Part of this disadvantage is due to the added difficulty of unlocking our iPhone with an Apple ID.

This is a problem for all iPhone users from the iPhone X onwards as new generations rely on facial recognition instead of finger recognition (not that finger recognition is easier when wearing gloves).

An iOS update next to iPhones will mean you can change your iPhone to get rid of the face ID requirement, and unlock it using your password.

But while we wait for that update, even for those who don't always want to enter their passwords, we explain how to unlock your iPhone with a face ID while wearing a mask.

How to set up iPhone to unlock with mask bus

Here we will share some tricks that will allow you to configure your facial recognition on your iPhone to see you even with your face half covered by a mask.

Before following these steps, please note that we had to try several times until we were able to set up reliable face recognition, e.g. It is difficult, but not impossible.

Method 1:

  1. Fold the mask in half and place two grommets in one ear, holding the mask with one hand on your face so it blends well in the middle.
  1. On your iPhone go to & # 39; Settings> Face ID & password & # 39; and enter your access code.
  1. Select the option that & # 39; Set another appearance & # 39; (If you've already configured a different look, you won't have this option. You will need to restart your facial ID and reset it).
  1. You will be invited to configure a face ID. You may see a warning that your face is covered, but in our opinion, after a few tries this message will go away.
  1. Follow the screen steps to allow the original depth camera to capture your measurements. A circle will appear where you have to match your face.

  1. Wait while the first scan of your face is done.
  1. Before the actual depth camera begins its second scan, remove your mask and cover the other side of your face.
  1. Once the second scan is complete, you should be able to unlock your iPhone while wearing the mask.

Method 2:

If Method 1 doesn't work for you, our advice is to reset your facial ID and start again, but now create your first photo of your facial ID while holding the mask on your side.

Next, create another look while holding the mask on the other side of your face.

When we used the second method – which involved creating our face ID from scratch while covering our face on one side and covering our face on the other to do the other – we discovered that Face ID was able to unlock our iPhone while wearing a mask.

When we use the first method – creating a & # 39; Impossible & # 39; with a mask – we saw that it was completely incorrect. If the tip of the nose was visible, if the nose was completely covered, we found it to be unreliable.


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