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How to Use Google Maps on Apple Watch



With the advent of the Apple Watch SE and the new Watch Series 6 there has been another important event, which is the return of the popular Google Maps navigation maps to Apple smart watches.

This comes three years after Google removed its application from Google Maps without explanation. It is certainly a good sign, which suggests that Apple has made the process of upgrading and upgrading the Apple Watch easier.

What can Google Maps do for Apple Watch?

Features include route limitations and estimated arrival times and turn-by-turn directions. Includes public transport directions and routes.

However, version 5.52 of Google Maps

does not allow you to search for a new location directly from Apple Watch. For a new trip not yet saved on the Apple Watch, you should use the iPhone to start the whole process.

Note here that Google Maps is also available on CarPlay

since last August.

How to get Google Maps on Apple Watch

To set up a new version on Apple Watch, you must install the latest version of Google Maps 5.52 installed on your iPhone. In addition, your Apple Watch smartwatch is required to have watchOS 5.0 version or later.

Once the app is installed on your iPhone, the Watch version should download automatically without the need for personal intervention.

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